Why You Should Take an Art Class


Abbie Painter, Student Life Reporter

Farmington offers a wide variety of art classes. Other than the fact that you are required to have art credits to graduate, why should you choose to take an art class?

We talked with Mrs. Hartman, an art teacher here at Farmington High School what the best class for students to take is. She offers classes such as ceramics, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, jewelry, and so many more. 

“Any beginning level class is good. We offer that in any class. Foundation is a good one because it teaches you the basics,” art teacher, Mrs. Hartman said.

Mrs. Hartman also offers CE classes, meaning you can receive both high school and college credit for your class. 

“I teach CE drawing and CE studio art,” Hartman said.

Who wouldn’t want to receive college credit for an art class? I took the CE studio art class this year and I was able to learn a lot about shadowing and realistic drawing. Not only did I learn a lot, but I had a lot of fun.

Mrs. Hartman talked about how you can create drawings, jewelry, paintings, and sculptures. While taking these classes you also could enter in pieces to the art show. 

“Most of it is juried, which means we pick the pieces that best represent what we teach in our classes,” Hartman said.

The art program at Farmington is a great way to explore interests and hobbies that you might not know that you have. Go to your counselor and register for an art class for next year.