Hocus Pocus 2? More like, Hocus NOcus


This article may contain spoilers


Hocus Pocus has always been an iconic classic, as one of the only Disney movies that genuinely disturbs children, it has a special place in many people’s hearts and Halloween traditions. After feasting on a little girl’s soul, turning her brother into a cat, and then being defeated by some teenagers, the Sanderson sisters have returned.

Many fans of the Hocus Pocus franchise were skeptical of what they could possibly do for a second movie, considering the ending of the first movie. Well, Disney pulled another mediocre story out of nowhere and plastered it all over everything, like they do with every other awful reboot.

The movie starts out with a little origin story, and honestly, I wanted more of the young Sanderson sisters. They were so fun to watch, and the girl who played Winifred was amazing, and perfect for the part. However, I was expecting a way cooler, darker, origin story. They turn out to be the most powerful and evil coven, because the reverend wanted Winifred to get married? That doesn’t really check out. This part also ended really fast, just boom, present day after 5 minutes of a spider setting a house on fire. 

As soon as the main characters were on screen, I immediately knew how the rest of the movie was going to go. It’s a huge deal because it’s Halloween and it’s the main girl’s 16th birthday. What kind of people just have a birthday ritual? These girls do, and it’s such a big deal that Becca (the main character) needed to go buy a new crystal for it. A crystal girl as the main character is already a red flag. Not to mention the wardrobe for this movie. We won’t get into it, but honestly, the outfits in this movie were just so astronomically bad, that it was distracting. 

Of course, when buying her crystal, the owner of the shop, “Gilbert the Great,” hands her a ‘magically charged’ candle to use for the birthday ritual. When doing their birthday ritual they light the candle, and get this, the flame is black. This obviously does not phase them, then boom, the earth is cracking. The sisters appear and there’s a musical number. Personally, I feel like this movie was just trying so hard to be kid friendly and I was not here for it. 

As the movie progresses, a ‘huge’ surprise comes out, Becca is a witch! Imagine that. This brand new witch somehow is just more powerful than all three of the Sanderson sisters. That makes a lot of sense. After doing a spell, Sarah and Mary have a very dragged out death and now Winifred is crying and Becca does a super powerful spell and Winifred is gone. As fast as it gets started, it’s over.

They ended the movie with the hint that the new characters will be the next coven or something, and I think that is a horrible idea. Killing the Sanderson sisters off was fine, they could’ve just left it there. We don’t need Sanderson sisters 2.0. The new people aren’t even sisters, they’re just friends with communication issues. I understand some of the things that have been said in this article probably don’t make the most sense, just watch the movie and things will add up.

“Overall I didn’t love the movie. I have always been a big fan of Hocus Pocus, but they didn’t do a very good job and I felt like it was very anticlimactic. I wish they would just leave the good movies alone and stop trying to reboot them,” senior, Hailey Thomsen, said.

“I feel like it was good enough but I don’t think I’ll watch it again because it honestly wasn’t that great. Could’ve been better for sure,” senior, Trysten Allred, said. 

As you can see, this movie ended up being painfully mediocre. Nothing really special about it. Reboots aren’t always the best idea, and somehow, Disney hasn’t figured this out yet. I am interested to see what other franchises Disney manages to run into the ground. No more sequels, leave the good stuff alone.