Cafe Rio or Costa Vida: Which is better


Boston Palmer, Entertainment

As long as these two restaurants have been around, there has been a debate on which is better. Though they may seem the same, there is a difference between them.

Food is an essential part of life especially for teenagers, when friends go out to eat, it can always be a debate on where to eat. One debate is whether Cafe Rio or Costa Vida is the better place.

Being somewhat of a “top notch food critic” myself I believe that one place is better than the other. Costa Vida is clearly the better option because they can get their food ready quickly and efficiently, it always tastes amazing, and it is less expensive.

When asking others which they preferred, the answers were varied.

 “I personally have had better experiences at Costa vida. For starters they are way faster than Cafe Rio. Plus they give you rice and beans with everything you order . They have cinnamon tortillas. I’m pretty sure it’s a little bit cheaper too.” Junior, Kaylee Monroe, said

The answers from most of the Costa Vida lovers were the same “cheaper” “faster” and “better tasting food.” There are so many people on either side of this debate and it really depends on what the person thinks and likes personally.

Going on to the other side of the debate, saying that Cafe Rio is better.

 “Cafe Rio is better because they have superior tortillas and tres leches, though they only have one size of salad, and their dressing is not spicy like Costa Vidas but instead its sweet,” junior, Madilyn Murray, said.

There are pros and cons for both of these places but there are still other factors apart from the food, the service. When we asked people what they thought about the service of the two restaurants they all sided with Costa Vida.

“The workers are better at Costa Vida because they are faster with making the food and they are always happier,” junior, Madilyn Murray, stated

In the end, both are amazing places to eat (though I think Costa Vida is better) it all comes down to what you personally like more.