Maps or Mcdonalds?


Kenna Liwanag, Student Life Reporter

Maps is a class that everyone has the opportunity to attend everyday to get some work done, just like a study hall. It can be very helpful especially for content assessments because it gives you the opportunity to get those done. On the other hand, some students do not use that time wisely and would rather go to Chick Fil A or Mcdonalds. Making this decision can be very hard because you are so tempted to leave and get food or something but know you need to be spending your time on something more useful. 


Farmington High Students were asked for their opinion on maps and how often they leave.


 “I don’t think maps is good or bad. I think it should be optional because some people such as seniors don’t need a maps class since we already almost have all out credits done. For those people that do go and don’t have anything to do, just sit on their phones the whole time just waiting for the next period to come.” Senior Cole Kasparian, said.


 A lot of seniors don’t attend because there is no need for them to go other than attendance. 


“Maps is useful if I have homework but not if I have nothing to do and I go almost every time and some occasional misses.” Senior Adam Stucki, said.


Being so close to Station Park can be very hard and tempting to just not go to maps. Mcdonalds and Chick fil a are very popular places for people to go get breakfast or a drink before their next period. Gives students a little break for 45 minutes.


 “I haven’t touched my computer in maps this year and I go about once a week.” Senior Tanner Covington, said. 


Getting the motivation to go to maps is hard if you don’t have anything to do but being younger maps can be more useful since you have more work you need to complete.


 “I like maps because it’s a time to talk to friends and do homework/study. I never go and always go home because I don’t have school on A days and I don’t have a first period on B days.” Senior Skye Gilliland, said. 


What do you think of maps?