Hour Long Lunch

Hour Long Lunch

Brooklynn Jacks, Student Life Reporter

Why should we have an hour-long lunch? With only 40 minutes to eat lunch makes students late to their next class, makes students eat unhealthy, and many other things. Being late to class will create citizenship problems for students and will get them in trouble with their parents and teachers. Students choose to go to fast food restaurants in the lunch hour causing them to spend $10-$15 everyday just on food. Fast food is also very unhealthy, high school students should not be eating fast food 5 out 7 days of the week. 


When getting to class late it caused bad citizenship. Teachers don’t like it when students are late after lunch because it makes it so the teachers can’t start their class on time and also distrumps the class when you come in late. With having an hour long lunch it will make it so students have extra time to get to class and be on time without disrupting the class. 


The junior Pickle Monk said “It would make it a lot easier to be on time to fourth period and make it so we don’t have to rush back to class.” 


With only having 40 minutes for lunch it makes it so people have to rush to and from school to get there on time which causes reckless driving.


 The Junior Malia Hall said “People drive recklessly to get out of the parking lot to make sure they have enough time” the parking lot is already very crowded and we don’t need to make it worse with new drivers and students trying to rush to get to lunch quicker. 


The senior Cole Kasparian said, “It’s crazy trying to get out with all these teenagers driving takes 10-15 minutes alone to get out of the parking lot.” 


With it taking 10 minutes to get out and into the parking lot means we only have 20 minutes to order food and eat it. 


With students eating out 5 times a week it creates really bad eating habits. It also makes it so students are having to spend money every day on food instead of going home and eating a free healthy lunch instead of spending $10 everyday on fast food. With Farmington being one of the only schools around that doesn’t have an hour-long lunch makes it unfair to us students. Having an hour-long lunch will benefit everyone in a good way and make things a lot easier for everyone at the school.