The Curse of the Great Bambino


Cooper Hyde, Sports

The most famous curse in sports history. The curse of the Great Bambino is a very well known legend among baseball fans. The curse came upon the Boston Red Soxs after they sold Babe Ruth, known as the Great Bambino. The curse prevented the Red Sox from winning a World Series title for 86 years. The curse was broken in the 2004 World Series.

In 1918 the Boston Red Sox won their fifth World Series championship. Babe Ruth was a pitcher on the team and played a crucial role in the victory. In 1919 the Red Sox owner, Harry Frazee decided to sell Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees for $100,000. The trade was disastrous for the Red Sox. Babe Ruth went on to become a superstar legend with the Yankees. Ruth went on to help the Yankees win four World series. Meanwhile the Red Sox struggled to win games and went on to suffer one of the longest championship droughts in baseball history.

Mark Hyde says, “ the curse of the Great Bambino was a tragic time for Boston Red Sox fans. I believe that it was a curse and that the Red Sox should have never made the trade.”

Over the years the curse of the Great Bambino became a part of baseball stories. Boston fans believed that their team would never win a World Series again. The team came close to winning a few times, but each time they fell short. The curse was lifted in 2004 when the Red Sox beat the Yankees. Boston fans were filled with immense joy and excitement. There are many theories as to why the curse was lifted. Some believe that it was because new ownership took place. Others believe that the team was very determined and desperate for the win. 

The Curse of the Great Bambino has become a part of baseball history. The curse was broken and it put a end to the superstitions and proving that the Curse was just a myth.