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Let Them Eat Cake – a TikTok Revolution

Let Them Eat Cake - a TikTok Revolution


Whether you’re an active user on TikTok or not, here’s an interesting spill on Haley “Baylee” and her slip up at the Met Gala, and how she accidentally started a somewhat of a revolution among social media followers.

She arrived to the outside of the event, not actually attending the event itself, and recorded a video of her lip syncing to the infamous alleged Marie Antoinette phrase, “let them eat cake” which caused an outbreak among followers and viewers leading to users unfollowing and blocking her and other celebrities on not just the TikTok platform, but others too.

The phrase “let them eat cake” has a historic meaning behind it, and if you’ve ever seen Mr. Peabody and Sherman you might have a gist of understanding, but it refers to the story of Marie-Antoinette’s obliviousness to the state and condition of the ordinary people and their daily lives back in the 1700s. “As a result, the phrase has become associated with the disconnect that the rich classes have with the poor, and the insensitivity that comes along with it.” TN World Desk said. With Haley being an influencer, you might see why users took this in a way she may have not intended.

Now what’s the goal really? Well, it’s supposedly “An attempt to reduce the amount of money they earn on social platforms.” Reporter for Forbes, Arianna Johnson said.

Whether it really has much of an impact on these celebrities and influencers in the end, data has shown that they’ve already lost millions of followers and that can be counted as progress being made.

It’s been known that she came out with an apology, but only time will tell what happens next.


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