The Landing Library Provides It’s Students with Many Resources

Clayre Scott, Managing editor

Farmington High’s school library has been sorely underappreciated so far this school year. With new equipment, books, and a hands-on librarian, students should be more aware of this amazing resource that could aide them in their academic endeavors. NixNews interviews the Landing Library’s librarian, Mr. Sayers for more information about the library and how students can take advantage of it’s many resources.

Note from the Landing Librarian, Mr. Sayers:

We have a class for self-motivated students called Library Media Skills which is basically a chance for students with difficult schedules to come in and work on their assignments. It runs all eight periods, and we average about eight students per class. Counselors can help students sign up if they’re interested.

For those who don’t know, we have a printer available in the library for students to print materials related to education or employment (schoolwork, job applications, college admission/scholarship papers, etc.). Also, a new reading incentive program will start 3rd term where students can earn prizes for reading in different genres.