Students Express Opinions on Farmington Decorations


Raegan Edelman, Wall Yeet Journal Section Editor

The interior of Farmington High School has a very unique set up. Students and teachers alike had very strong impressions when they first walked through the doors and as second semester approaches they have gotten used to the new decorations and general vibe that the high school offers. While some students claimed that the different look provided a huge contrast with their previous schools, Davis and Viewmont, others said the difference didn’t phase them.

“I don’t put that much thought into it. It’s something that I don’t pay any attention to,” said Farmington high junior, Gracie Rasmussen.

While Gracie does not see the decorations as important, others may think that the appearance enhanced their focus and learning ability.

“I think that [the decorations] provide a very comforting environment where students can be themselves and act in a way that is both proper and respectable,” said student John Hess.

Others were concerned with the mechanics behind them, especially the color changing cubes that are suspended from the ceiling.

“I’ve thought in my head, ‘what happens if they fall?’ I hope they are really strong,” said art teacher Mrs. Hartmann. She also expressed appreciation for the look of it.

“I do really like the colors though because I am an artist and they are right in my hall. It’s nice to see sometimes,” said Mrs. Hartmann.

The layout of the school was universally respected as well.

“The architects did an amazing job! I love the color and how the lights change…I like the learning centers. I think that it is really helpful for kids to actually just come, hangout, and do their work while focusing. It’s nice for them to socialize as well!” said teacher Mrs. Combe.

Overall, students and teachers could both agree that the school is a wonderful place for learning and that the architects hard work definitely paid off.