Juniors Help Single Students Survive Valentine’s Day


Lexi Day, Digital Media Editor

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has a different meaning at different stages of our lives. In elementary school, it’s a day to give, and receive, candy to everyone in your class. As you get older, it may start to have more meaning as a romantic day of the year. For some, it’s simply another day in the year.

As a holiday, Valentine’s Day is about love, romance, and appreciation for the people in our lives. Most commonly, it is celebrated by couples as an expression of love for each other. Many teens might feel sad or lonely if they don’t have a Valentine, but some of the students at this school are coming to your rescue with some tips for surviving Valentine’s Day while you’re single.

“Volunteer at an animal shelter to fill the empty void which is your heart,” junior, Maddie Nacey, said.

“Watch a rom-com if you want to get in the spirit. If you want to forget you’re single on Valentine’s Day, good luck,” junior, Jessica John, said.

“I would recommend eating chocolate and listening to love songs or watching a Hallmark movie by yourself and being ok to cry. Good luck out there,” junior, Sarah Hess, said.

“The best way to survive Valentine’s Day as a single pringle is to send yourself chocolates and flowers ahead of time, then act surprised around other people when you get them,” junior, Ashley Hintze, said.

“The only way to survive Valentine’s Day is to order a pizza and watch Netflix,” an anonymous student said.

Valentine’s Day can be rough, but you can get through it. These tips are just some of the many ways a single person can survive a day that’s dripping with love and romance.