What Is too Much Money Spent on School Dances?


Kenna Liwanag, Student Life Reporter

School dances are a big thing for high school students and they form some of the best memories you will ever have as a teenager. With prom coming up next month, how much money is spent on prom? Here at Farmington High, Prom is a boys ask dance which means the boys pay for most, if not all, of the dance. Typically, girls on the other hand spend a lot of money on dresses. So this question goes both ways on how much is spent for day date, dinner, dresses, tickets, etc. 


Some Farmington High girls were asked some questions regarding the price, girls vs boys choice. 


“If it’s not a girls choice, I probably spend like $100. On average, dresses are like $80, corsages are $20…If it is a girls choice, I spend way more. So the dress and corsage, plus day date, food for the day date and dance, dance tickets and pictures. It’s close to like $200. I think some people can spend way too much from nails, to spray tans, to dresses, to new shoes, hair and makeup, plus everything needed for the dance starts to add up.” Senior Ellie Mebius, said


“Girls can go overboard spending and there is nothing wrong with it at all because it can be fun to get all ready for a date.”


 “Probably like 200 at the least for girls choice and yeah I think it’s way too much.” Senior Sam Hanson, said. 


Boys from Farmington High were asked the same questions. Some boys definitely go all out when they want to but most of the time, it is a bigger deal for girls than guys.


 “It probably costs around $150 per couple and I don’t think people spend too much money for a dance.” Senior Garrett Wooten, said. 


Spending money is hard especially at this age because it is most likely yours and what you are earning.


 “I think on average I spend around 100-150 per dance, I feel like it’s kind of fun like putting in effort for the dance but I feel like there’s another way to have fun without spending so much money.” Junior Lilo Jones, said.


What do you think is the right amount to spend?