The Horrifying ACT


Brooklynn Jacks, Student Life

The ACT is very stressful for most high schoolers. They believe that this 4 hour test contributes to their whole college career. Luckily this is changing. Now when you are applying to college you don’t have to write down what you got if you don’t want to but the test still matters for example if you want to get a scholarship or get into a school with a low acceptance rate having a high ACT score matters to those major colleges. Not being required to put down your score is creating less stress on students but the test still matters to colleges. 

Most kids go into the test blind. They don’t know what to expect and that causes a lot more stress on the students. The test is hard and long. 

“For me I was stressed for the ACT a solid 7/10 with 10 being most stressful, the fact that if i want to get a scholarship depends on my ACT score,” junior, Parker Jones, said. 

Having your future depend on this one test is really stressful for students at this young age. 

Luckily at our school we are able to have 2 practice tests before the actual test. This can help students to understand what will happen and how the test will plan out. The practice tests are a lot easier than the real ACT.

“I was a little stressed but I studied pretty well so it wasn’t so bad,” junior, Will Dotson, said.

Many students study for the act but some can’t. A lot of students work after school and do sports or many even do both. This gives them not a lot of time to be able to study on top of their own homework that they have. Which makes them even more stressed.