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The Student News Site of Farmington High School

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Farmington High School’s Legacy and Where It Began

Building our Legacy

When the idea of Farmington High School was born, there were many ideas of what a new high tech school would look like. The inspiration behind farmington truly had the future students in mind. Building something from the ground up.

Former Principal Richard Swanson is very passionate about Farmington High School’s legacy and why building this school is so important. 

“It’s not just the school of today, but it’s built as a school of the future. With the flexibility, the movement with the use of space, the windows, the light, everything about this building, from architecture to the programs and teachers, moves us to a school of the future in Davis school district and, to be quite honest, the entire state of Utah”. – Swanson

The legacy at Farmington high was created from the very beginning because of its design. There’s  many unique aspects within Farmington that help students learn. 

The superintendent of the Davis School District, Dr. Dan. Linford, shares why the opportunities the building holds are important for the students.

“ It was really a great opportunity to build something unique in terms of its construction. The idea was to create a space that was more like a university campus where students have lots of spaces to study and relax and study where you would study at home. Some people are at the kitchen table studying, some people are on their beds, and some are sitting in a chair somewhere. We tried to create lots of natural spaces for students”. 

Not only are the spaces students have to study impactful, but the natural light is truly something that is vital  for students everyday. The natural light brings joy within the building that is like no other school.      

Linford continues, “ We tried to bring in a lot of light. That was a big deal to us. And students probably don’t realize it until they come from another building that the natural light is a big deal”.  Said  Superintendent Linford.

It is so incredible how much Farmington’s Legacy has been built in such a short time. Current Principle Justin Whittaker explains why this is astounding. 

“ We are still relatively new, but we’ve established some traditions, and we are trying new things, and that’s the cool thing about this school. When we started it, the whole vision behind Farmington High School was that it would be student-led and student-driven. Education, in general, hasn’t changed a lot in the past 100 years. You know, it’s desks in rows, so we wanted to change that. Our legacy is one of innovation and change”. Said Principal Whittaker.

The building of Farmington has truly left a legacy and changed a lot of things within education; The way schools are built and the learning environment in schools. 

“It’s our youngest High school, but their impact has been immense,” Said Superintendent Linford.

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