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What Car Do You Drive and Is it a New or Used Car?

What Car Do You Drive and Is it a New or Used Car?

Driving the action that specifically high school sophomores have been waiting to take part in for all their life. The moment has finally come for us sophomores to join in the fun of driving off into the sunset with our freedom and friends. The question is what type of car are you driving off into the sunset in? Is it new or used?


At Farmington High School there is a wide variety of cars that are driven by our FHS students. Many different cars and many different circumstances for the students at Farmington high. But what type of car would the students of FHS rather have? A new or a used car? 


“I would rather have a used car because I don’t want to crash a brand new car, but also i wouldn’t want the car to be way old. A seven year old car is my max of how old I can go with cars.” Stated Sophomore Callie Turner 


Callie makes a good point in the fact that highschool drivers are new drivers meaning we are bad at driving. School parking lots are a nightmare when it comes to dinks and scratches on your car. And don’t forget the swerving and speeding of cars that occur on weekend nights. 


But for Sophomore Molly White she sees this question in a different light. 


“I would much rather have a new car because they’re nicer and I don’t have to worry so much about the technical difficulties that come along with used and older cars.” Stated Molly White


Molly also makes a fair point in reality used cars, specifically older ones can come with many issues that need to be fixed in the present and need to be fixed down the road. These fixes can be expensive and unpredictable which in the end makes a used car hard to trust and rely on. 


When it comes to cars and driving students at FHS have to add other things into the equation. For many sophomores including Molly their car must be shared with older siblings. This can be difficult not knowing if you’ll have a car to get to your everyday activities. Teenage drivers at Farmington High School should also listen and follow the rules of the law and the rules their parents laid down for them. 


But think about it, if you could have any car what car would you drive? What’s your dream car?


“My dream car is a hot pink Barbie type Bronco.” Stated Sophomore Molly White

According to the student’s of FHS it honestly depends on personal opinion on what is better. Just always remember to be grateful for what gets you to school every morning and stay safe on the roads! 

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