Students Apply For Variances


Clayre Scott, Managing editor

With the school year coming to a close, there is one question on everyone’s mind: who will being attending Farmington High school next year? When the boundaries of Davis School District were changed at the beginning of the year, many students were transferred from different schools (mainly Davis and Viewmont) into Farmington. This change along with the new curriculum used here at Farmington high has led some to apply for Variances to their old schools even after attending Farmington.

“Summit was a small part of my decision. I didn’t feel as if it was beneficial to me… I’ve found that I learn best when I’m able to interact with my teachers in real time,” Former Junior who transferred out of Farmington high, Tate Isom, said.

Isom got a variance to Davis high at the end of the first semester at Farmington. He is one of the students who felt that Farmington wasn’t a great fit for him and decided to return to his old school.

“I felt like I wasn’t really learning anything,” Isom said.

For students struggling academically, Farmington can be seen as a step in the wrong direction, expecting more responsibility from it’s students, even as they give them the tools they need to succeed.

Another former Farmington Junior, Amber Jacobs agreed with Isom, saying she didn’t feel as if the program worked well for her. She also went on to point out that the long transportation played a key role in her decision to leave as well.

Drawing the boundaries for Farmington High at the beginning of the year was a highly controversial decision and the end product resulted in students living over a fifteen minute drive away, as opposed to a five minute drive to the school they had attended the year before. While this may not be seen as such a monumental issue, it was a deciding figure for a lot of students when determining whether to apply for a variance away from Farmington or not. Despite these reasons, there were also a handful of people who decided to get variances to attend Farmington.

“I transferred to Farmington to be with my friends,” Farmington Junior, Emily Campbell, said.

When the new boundaries were drawn, groups of friends were separated, and students like Campbell decided to attend Farmington as opposed to their old school to stay with their friends. While this is the reason she came, there are plenty of reasons why she decided to stay.

“I think the teachers are more optimistic and the class work is more dynamic,” Campbell said.

Whether you’re a student that has transferred over to Farmington or has ultimately decided to obtain a variance somewhere else, hopefully high school can be a great experience in the school that works best for you.

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