Is Long Hair on Boys in Style?


Kaden Frost, Reporter

Longer hair on boys is definitely in style. I used to have long hair personally and it seemed like everywhere I went I would see kids with the same kind of hair.

“Only some boys can pull it off, but when they can it is sexy!”, a female from Farmington High School, L Salmon, said.

Most girls that I have asked about this have said the same thing, so guys, if you think you can pull it off go for it.

“In the professional world, short hair is standard, but in the modern world today long hair is considered cool,” a girl from Farmington High School, Lindsey Hendrickson, said.

“The sole purpose of my towering mane is to electrify the womanly people in this schools’ corridors. When the investigation was first perpetrated to evaluate if long locks are in style there was indubitably only one answer. An unquestionably and precise yes. Yes, long hair is in style, and regardless of other people’s opinions on the matter, long hair reflects one’s soul, and one’s soul is all that matters,” a very wise man that has long hair and attends this school, Treymaughan Wood, said.

Long hair on men is becoming super big in sports. I know a lot of lacrosse players that grew their hair out so it would flow out of their helmet. I was one of these lacrosse players. This is also big in other sports such as baseball, football, soccer etc.

“My long hair gives me the power and potential to be great on the soccer field, without it I’m good, but with it I’m great!” a soccer player at FHS, Tyler Langavelt, said.

In conclusion, long hair is in style for sure, so don’t be afraid to grow it out. Go for it!