Students Should Listen To Music While Studying


Sammy Hatch, Social Media Editor

A lot of high schoolers like listening to music when they study or do homework, but does it actually help them focus? Some parents and teachers wonder if it’s actually beneficial for their students to listen to music while studying.

Florida National University discovered that listening to music activates the left and right sides of the brain. When both hemispheres of the brain are engaged it can maximize learning and help improve memory. 

They also found out that listening to music while studying reduces stress. Listening to music can slow heart rate, lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety levels. So, when studying for a big quiz or finals; listen to music.

“I like listening to indie music when I study because it’s soothing.” Senior, Brielle Sessions, said.

Indie music is her favorite genre, and she listens to it almost every day, so it’s no surprise that she would listen to it when she studies. 

When it comes to what genre helps students focus more, there isn’t a specific genre because all students are different. That being said, quieter, more soothing music is suggested. That kind of music shows the best results when comparing anxiety level and heart rate to that of loud and boisterous music.

Classical or instrumental is also a really good genre of music in regards to types of music that are most beneficial. Music that doesn’t have lyrics helps the brain focus on what is being studied. 

However, that is dependent on the student and their personality. Everyone’s brain is different and reacts in various ways to different music. Some students like listening to rock music or rap. It just depends on the specific student.

Try listening to a diverse selection of music and see what works best for you. If instrumental music isn’t something that you would generally listen to, try it out, and see if it works for you.