80’s Clothes Are Making Their Way Back To High school Students

80’s Clothes Are Making Their Way Back To High school Students

L Salmon, Reporter

Kids of Davis school district’s pants are getting baggier and shirts are getting bigger. Girls are wearing mom jeans and bright colors and guy are wearing skater pants and XXL tees. 

“The 80’s are definitely coming back into style. Guys are wearing baggier clothing and girls are dressing goofy cute,” Farmington high senior, Kaden Frost, said. 

A poll was done and 91% of 339 people said that the 80’s style is coming back. People were also able to choose between a regular outfit of skinny jeans and a cute t-shirt or something like skater clothes and mom jeans. The three polls that were done, over half of the people would choose the 80’s looking outfit that they would rather wear. 

Teens all over Davis School District use clothing to express themselves. It can show who they are without even talking to them. 

“ It keeps the preppy/uptight people away from me.” Said Farmington high senior, Jackson Donford. He has long hair which is also coming back into style.

Girls are shopping from Urban Outfitters which is an 80’s based store. It is popular and cute but can be way overpriced. They are starting to go to the DI and get the same clothing for less than half of what you would pay at Urban. That is a great part about the 80’s style coming back, the older and baggier the clothes look, the cuter they are. Girls are starting to buy shirts with pre-cut holes in them!

With this style coming back it is fun to switch off. Some days you can dress like an 80’s student with mom jeans and an over sized T, and some days you can wear a more 2019 outfit of skinny jeans, fitted shirts, collared shirts etc. Overall, the 80’s are definitely coming back into style. The 80’s style is big, baggy, and whatever the heck you feel like wearing as long as its bold and custom to your personality!