Students Discuss Stress

Students Discuss Stress

L Salmon, Reporter

Being a high school student by itself is a stressful thing. Different people do different things to relieve this stress. 

“Senior year has been super super tough and all of my classes are either AP or CE. I have home release 4th and 8th period and it’s been SO nice to be able to come home and see my puppy and just make my day just by playing with her. While my family is gone, I usually stay home and do my homework while she lays on me. It’s been a good distraction from what goes on at school and how I can get my mind off it when I’m stressed!” Farmington high senior, Kaiya Lwanag, said.  

“Sports isn’t stressful, it is my stress reliever. Going to practice every day and forget about school for a couple of hours is all I could ask for to relieve my stress,” Farmington high senior Volleyball captain, Kait White, said.   

Many different things can relieve stress. It all just depends on what you love to do. Some other things you can do is spend time with friends and family to take a break from the stressful things. Yoga and essential oil candles in a relaxing setting can help calm your nerves and get into a positive state of mind. Take deep breaths and remember everything will be ok!