Mechanical Pencils or Normal Pencils?


Kaden Frost, Reporter

For years people have been debating about buying mechanical pencils or normal wooden pencils. I’m here to tell you that mechanical pencils are better. Why would anyone want a wooden pencil now a days?

Mechanical pencils are fun to play with. The eraser that you can push down and make the led come out the tip is genius. You can also pretend to give yourself shots by holding down the eraser and pressing the led against your skin. You also can put your finger in between the clip thing and the actual pencil and press it down.

Normal pencils are not fun at all. The most fun you can have with them is to sharpen them down too little midget pencils, but then they are not useable. They honestly just don’t feel as nice in the hand so why would you buy them. They are boring and messy and don’t make sense so just spend a little more money to get the mechanical pencils.

“When you snap a mechanical pencil, it vibrates your bones, creating a therapeutic effect that relieves stress that has built up in your joints. Snapping a mechanical pencil is more of a workout and accomplishment meant for those who are wanting a high tech, modern work out.”, Mikey Garrett, a student from Farmington High School, said.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that mechanical pencils are way better.