Girls Tennis Reflects On Their Season


Raegan Edelman, Comedy Column Editor

On October 10th, Farmington High’s girls tennis team headed off to their state match. The team worked hard this season and saw a lot of improvement from their performance last year. The team placed third in regions and the girls performed amazingly in state. 

Being a new school, the girls had to adapt quickly to being each others teammate. According to many of the girls on the team, there are huge differences in how it feels to play with each person on the team, and this year’s season was a whole different experience from last year’s. 

“The biggest difference is that we had a lot of freshmen [last season], and this year we have more seniors and a lot more experience playing varsity and more experience on the tennis court,” senior teammate, Annecy Hansen, said.

The experience was a definite plus, and helped the girls kick off the season with a winning streak. Alongside the competition, the girls found the team to be a wonderful opportunity to get to know people with the same interests as them.

“It was a really cool way to meet new people and just play a lot of tennis…my favorite part of the season was just all the friends I’ve made. The freshmen especially, there was a lot of them and they were some of my favorite people,” senior, Emma Olson, said.

The younger girls on the team are looking forward to the years to come and all the friendships they’ve formed that will continue to grow. The seniors reflect back on their experiences and are grateful for all of the people they’ve met and the hard work that the coaches and parents put into the season.

“I’m super grateful for my coaches, the team managers, parents and everyone else who put their time into the season this year. It’s been amazing,” Hansen said.

Make sure to congratulate the FHS tennis team on their successes, and don’t forget to watch for even more improvement next year. This is Raegan, reporting for Nix News.