Students Compare Fall And Winter


Lexi Day, Reporter

It’s the first of December and the snow has started to fall. With this change of weather, some people are looking back at the warmer days and wishing they were still there. Others are wholeheartedly embracing the cold, and are excited for this winter season.

Fall this year was colder than usual, so it felt like winter came really early. There are pros and cons to both seasons, and students have different preferences for the season.

“I like fall for the weather and the colors, winter for the holidays,” anonymous Farmington Senior said.

One common preference that students have is the warmer weather.

“Fall because the weather is still medium-well,” senior, Samantha Smith, said.

Some of the good things about fall are the colors and the warmth that’s not too hot. However, there are some negative things to this season.

“It’s really cold at night and it feels like winter” senior, Sariah Almeida, said.

Sometimes students don’t care as much about the weather. They might care more about how it looks outside.

“All the leaves fall off the trees and then it rains and they turn brown,” senior, Emily Campbell, said.

The same is true for winter. Some positive things are the holidays and playing in the snow. The downside, of course, could be the cold. Not everyone loves colder weather.

“It’s cold in the winter! It’s freezing,” anonymous senior said.

So, while both fall and winter can be fun, and there are good things about both seasons, it seems that Farmington students prefer fall. It’s warmer, more colorful, and has a couple of fun holidays. But fall has passed and we’re well into the winter season. Hopefully everyone can find something to love about this season–despite the cold weather.