Students Opinions Of New Year’s Resolutions

Students Opinions Of New Year's Resolutions

Sammy Hatch, Social Media Editor

It’s 2020, and the start of a new year always brings people setting goals and resolutions to improve themselves during the year. “New year, new me” is a phrase often associated with New Year’s resolutions. It’s very common for people to try and stick to them for the first few weeks of the year, but they usually don’t last the whole year. 

“I think they’re pointless. Everyone sets a goal; does it for the first couple weeks, and then nothing ever happens,” Farmington senior, Brielle Sessions, said.

Quite a few people are like Sessions. They don’t see the point of making goals that you know who aren’t going to keep or that you’re just going to give up on. It can also just make the new year even more stressful. A lot of people feel pressure this time of year, and resolutions can just add to that.

“I set a resolution every year. Sometimes it’s small, or maybe I don’t last the whole year, but at least I’m actively working to improve myself,” Junior, Noah Wilkes, said.

Wilkes has a more positive outlook on resolution than most people do. However, this is a good point of view if you want to be a little less stress free this year. It doesn’t have the pressure of sticking to it all year but still tries to stick with them as long as you can.

Whatever your opinion on New Year’s Resolutions is, every year we’re going to “new year, new me”. Humans are creatures of habit, and to many people’s dismay, resolutions aren’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon. Enjoy the new year with or without them.