Students Suggest Ways To Celebrate Hat Day

Ashley Heaton, Reporter

Every day is a national day. There are all sorts of different national days and almost anything has a national day. January fifteenth’s national day is national hat day. There are plenty of ways to celebrate. The best one would probably be to just wear a hat. 

“I’ll wear a sorting hat and put it on other peoples heads,” Sophmore, Hailey Powell, said.

Powell is going to use national hat day to show off her fandom and share it with other people. That’s a great way to celebrate national hat day. However, Powell doesn’t really like to wear hats. She suggest that if you enjoy wearing hats to wear one.

“Everyone should pick a hat that fits your personality,” Sophmore, Maria Jensen, said. 

 She agrees that national hat day is way too show of who you are and your personality. Hats can show off your personality because there is a wide variety of them so you have lots to choose from. Jensen thinks that hats are pretty cool. She says that she will wear a hat to celebrate.  

 There are a lot of different kind of hats that you can wear, but wear one that fits your personality. Hope you enjoy national hat day.