Boys Basketball Starts Off Strong


Kaden Frost, Reporter

The boys basketball team is doing great this year. They were very confident before the season started, and I think this has helped them throughout the season. Winning has a lot to do with the mentality of the team going into the game.

I recently talked to a couple players on the boys basketball team, Mason Covington and Josh Wade, and the Basketball coach, Coach Walkenhurst, and asked them how the season was going and what they are most excited for.

“So during the summer we had multiple workouts in the mornings and it kind of sucked but it was a couple hours and it started at 6 every morning, and then we also had a lot of summer games that we played and we’ve had shooting workouts before and after tryouts even happened so we have been working a lot, especially to get our shots better.” Mason Covington, a FHS Basketball player, said.

After talking to Mason I talked to Coach Walkenhurst. He had some similar things to say.

“I think our overall strength has improved and our ability to shoot the ball with more than just one person has improved. I’m excited to see how well were playing when it comes to february.” Coach Walkenhurst, the head coach of FHS, said.

The basketball team has been working hard and it has definitely paid off. Work hard like the FHS basketball team kids.