Students Attempt To Stay Motivated Through Third Term

Ashley Heaton, Reporter

With the start of third term it seems like all the fun is over. There’s not really any major holidays to look forward too and the next break seems super far way. So students have to find something to look forward too for the new semester. 

“I’m excited to get some new elective classes,” sophomore, Dixon Call, Said. 

Call thinks that changing classes is something to look forward too. He thinks that having different electives will be able to keep him going and motivated  until the end of the year. 

“You also have to remember it’s on term closer to the end of school,” Call said. 

This is very true. The end of the school year is getting nearer and that can also be something to look forward too. 

“I’m excited for the change in teachers it’ll kind of be like the first day of school again,” junior, Pearl Bodell, said.  

She thinks that changing teachers will be enough to keep her going until the end of school. She is also excited to get to meet new people in class.  

Those are some great things to keep students going until the end of the school year. The change should hopefully motivate students a little more because there classes will be different. If there’s something to look forward too this semester will fly by.