Attendance Is Important To Student Success

Sophie McGowen, Reporter

Ditching is a serious issue at Farmington. Students can be seen leaving the school in between classes every single day at Farmington. A key factor in a students learning and growth throughout high school is being present in classes. Without attending a class students cannot learn the material needed for out of class work. Ditching classes can also affect a students citizenship grade. If a student has an unsatisfactory citizenship grade at the end of their senior year they cannot graduate. Three or more absences, unexcused, result in the student receiving a U. No student wants to be held back from receiving their diploma simply because they decided not to attend a class. Some classes that would be simple for students to pass had they attended now have become a serious issue in a students path to graduating. 

“I have gotten a U in an easy class just because I didn’t go. It sucks and I wish I could go back and just show up but now I have to do at least four hours of work outside of school just to fix that mistake,” Senior, Darlington Tolbert, said.

 Attendance can also make it so that students have a harder time passing content assessments, which can be a serious issue for students. Before you complain that they are too hard think about how it might have been easier had you attended the class.