How Ski Season Affects Farmington Students

Sophie McGowen, Reporter

The first snowfall in Utah marks an incredible time of the year. Ski season typically begins around the holidays and many Utah teens are eager to get into the mountains. Ski Season in Utah goes until mid April. During this time many students will strictly save the weekends for skiing. Ski season brings an issue to schools, however. With mountains covered in powder within such short reach a lot of students may find themselves ditching the textbooks for a trip to Basin instead. Classes begin to thin out with the season starting. 

“I am definitely guilty of skipping a class to go ski. It’s hard when you are choosing between sitting in a boring class and doing something adrenaline filled,” Senior, Darlington Tolbert, said. 

If you go up to a ski resort on a weekday you may be surprised to find gondolas filled with teenagers. But how are they there when they’re supposed to be in school? Well, truth is, they shouldn’t be. Students may find themselves falling behind in class work and receiving poor citizenship grades because they can go ski instead of going to school. 

“My parents get so mad at me for ditching to ski. I have definitely been grounded from skiing in an effort to keep me in class,” Senior, Kaden Frost, said.  

Classes will fill back up with the end of the season however getting students to stay in class instead of ski is a problem that may possibly be forever known to teachers.