Exercising Can Relieve Stress

Exercising Can Relieve Stress

Sophie McGowen, Reporter

According to a NYU study on students anxiety, “Nearly half of all high school students (49%) reported feeling a great deal of stress on a daily basis.” Students in high school will spend three years learning incredibly important things to help them succeed in life, but this means more than just information you can read in a book. Finding ways to deal with stress at a young age can be incredibly helpful as students graduate and progress in life. Teens will make the habits in high school to succeed, so it is essential that they develop healthy ones now. Whether an individual will pursue a further education or head straight into the work field, it is a guarantee that they will be forced to deal with stress. 

Every student learns to cope with stress in different ways. While in high school, the pressure of succeeding and the challenges it brings unfortunately leads to a lot of students turning to unhealthy coping habits. When asking students how they deal with stress a great number of students said that they like to work out. While going on a run or lifting weights may not seem to cure all of your problems studies have proven that exercising can release endorphins to help you relax and feel happy.

If you have a big test coming up going to the gym or even doing some simple stretches can be exactly what you need to relax.  Stress is detrimental to a students mental health and finding a release has been proven to be extremely beneficial.

“In high school you are going to get stressed out but going to the gym really helps me to calm down and focus. I think it has helped me to be successful in school,” Junior,  Amelia Grant, said.

 Next time a student in feeling stressed about a class they should try hitting the gym, you never know how helpful it could be.