Students Tell How Their Lives Adjusted During Quarantine

Students Tell How Their Lives Adjusted During Quarantine

Noelle Wigren, Reporter

Since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) students were forced to continue school online till their summer officially started. Here at Farmington High we dove in deeper and found out what quarantine was like for the students here. How students had to figure school out online, and having other family members home all the time, when they aren’t used to that. 

Schools here in the state of Utah got shut down March 13th, 2020. It was a Friday and many think that because bad things usually happen on Friday the 13th . Students will always remember that as the day of shutting down school and having a few days off of school so that teachers could get everything online. Around 72,987 students in Davis School District were now going online a few days after March 13th.

For most students, when asked the question “what was the hardest thing you had to get used to?” their answer was that it was hard to be away from friends, and having a busy social life at school, and outside. When all of a sudden they couldn’t see their friends.

“Not being able to see anyone, not going to my church, and being confined to my house and forcing myself to work was something hard.” Senior, Lauren Mun said.

It was like life got shut down along with the rest of the world during quarantine. But even though we couldn’t see each other in person, students became creative in finding ways to be socially distant and safe, so they were able to interact and have that social touch to life. But not seeing friends everyday, or just a normal day switched very fast for most students. And a new “Normal” day was something a lot of students had to get used to. Even though they were confined to their homes, they still had school which became online, and they had to find activities to keep them busy.  The “New Normal” for student might have looked like this:

 “I would sleep in, stay up late. Then when I woke up I had breakfast/lunch, I would walk my puppies, watch TV, and run, sit around, and of course school.”  Sophomore Charli Merrill said.

Many are still trying to cope with the “new normal” this year at Farmington high and at home. With this many students developed a new talent, or hobby will being stuck in quarantine. We can thank Covid for ruining our sleep schedules. 

“With being home 24/7 I developed a new hobby of watching shows, and movies, and Self care because super important.”  Senior, Lauren Mun, said.

There is always some type of lesson you could find, in any situation there is always a lesson, a good life lesson. That there is a reason behind everything that happens, and we can learn for it and pass it down to our generations. 

“Problems are small compared to others, that it’s not about me. For others might have family who get sick, how hard it might be. It’s about others working together, if only two it won’t go away, but if everyone sticks together we can get over this.”Sophomore,Charli Merrill, said.

Life will get better if we listen to others’ needs, and what they believe and help each other. We can conquer this “New Normal”.