Marching Band Works Hard to Prepare for Competition


Noelle Wigren, Staff Writer

Everyone has heard of the Marching Band, seen them at football games, school events, or just playing for a concert. The band can be heard from everywhere, and they seem to always be doing something. How much time and work does the marching band actually put in?

The FHS Marching band is 5a state champions. Champions put in a lot of work and determination. Marching band lasts from the beginning of summer to the end of October. During the summer the band learns to march correctly, and play a parade tune. And then in July you will find the band Marching in the Farmington parade, and the days of ‘47. This year marked the first year the band did not march in a parade, simply because there were no parades this year, allowing more time to focus on the competitive side of the band. Field shows. Most kids will join the Marching Band for this reason. 

“Combine your normal concert band, and marching and put a visual for the music being played.” Drum Major, Brighton Gibby said.

Marching band combines athletics and performing arts together. They take music that has been written and or arranged for them and put it with the technique of marching and visuals then put it on the football field and then you will get a Marching Band field show. When asking members of the marching band how much time they have to put into this group this is what they said.

“I spend most of my time practicing, I do drill in my backyard and then I work on music,” sophomore, Trevor Hayes said.

Just like football, volleyball, basketball and other school sports and clubs, lots of time and work is put into the Marching band. The band practices 3 days a week and most weekends you will find them at school. In total they practice 10 hours a week and on the weekends they are here for most of the day.  That is a lot of time put into this, and then outside of practice they are working by themselves at home so that they can come to the band the next day and be ready to put more music and drill together. 

“What is required of you in marching band is for students to manage their time for practices and football games. Also financially all students must pay fees for band, because it is all student fee based. And then time outside of band. Students are held to high expectations,” Band director, Brek Mangleson said.

It’s a lot of work put into making a beautiful performance. They start making shows right after the season is over and it takes a few months to make the design or music, and then it takes another couple months for the drill. Then it’s time for the band to put it all together. The band has great staff members who help push the students to their full potential. And the students are very grateful for all the work that they do to help them. 

 FHS Marching Band had their first competition for this year. They performed at Herriman and got first place in the 5a division. This year’s theme is the “Storm Driven Sea”. Last year’s show was the “Templars” and the first year for the marching band was “Rise of the Phoenix” Each show has been performed to its best and the members of the marching band could probably tell you about all the work that has been put into making all those shows. Even when they have a hard time, they show that they can work hard and see the beautiful end product of creating something with music.

 “Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Just go for it,” assistant director of athletic bands, Mark Hartman said.