Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Maxfield


Noelle Wigren, Staff Writer

Mrs. Maxfield is a new teacher here at Farmington as of this year. With her being new to the Farmington family you might not know a lot about her. Mrs. Maxfield teaches the CNA class, and into health sciences. Mrs. Maxfield teaches not only at Farmington, but also at Davis.

Mrs. Maxfield is the oldest of 11 kids in her family, and she grew up in Idaho. She was able to, at a young age graduate high school early and start college and become a nurse. Mrs. Maxfield got her associates at Ricks college (now BYU-I) and then came to Utah to finish her degree as a registered nurse. She got her bachelor’s degree at University of Utah. Then from completing her degrees and becoming a Registered nurse she took on many jobs. 

She started in Toole county in public health and helped with teen moms in jail programs. And then she then proceeded to work in salt lake county, something closer to her home. She then helped form the STD clinic. And while she was a busy health care worker she also was a mom. She and her husband own many businesses, in the home area. She has her interior design and a few other businesses everywhere. She loves to keep busy. 

To continue all her many jobs she did a lot of public speaking and clinics in cottonwood hospital and helped open a section of that hospital. And she is a volunteer for the emergency medical in Farmington. It is a group of people who will be there in case of natural disaster. And now she works as a CNA instructor and teacher. She shared her favorite thing about Farmington

“I love student success, love it when they get it. When it clicks in their own way, and they understand, when the lightbulb goes off in their brain.” Maxfield said.

She loves to teach and especially loves to teach CNA and intro to health because the human body just fascinates her. 

“Whether or not you go into the health field the knowledge relates to everyone and everywhere, and will help you through life,” Maxfield said.

Some crazy facts about Mrs. Maxfield says that she has been proposed to six times, engaged twice, and said yes once. She also has travelled the world, so if you ever get a chance to meet her make sure you ask her about her travel stories. 

Last thing she shared was her advice for those who want to go into the medical field.

“Get into it early. You also need to know if you have the stomach for it. It’s okay, it’s going to go by fast and rigorously. The medical field is not for lazy people. But the good thing is the mass reward you get once you are done with school, it is very rewarding!” Maxfield said.

If you ever get to meet Mrs. Maxfield or if you already know her she has a quote that hangs in her classroom.

“Procrastination is the thief of life”

This quote has such a sweet story and was said by her dad, who was a very successful man. And she wants to remind everyone of that simple phrase.