Davis Tech Offers Inexpensive College Courses


McCall Brown, Staff Writer

One of the popular things to do after high school is to attend a university to study and major in a certain subject. What happens if you don’t think this is the best option for you, but you still want to get schooling for the work field. A vocational school is a great option! Davis Technical College is the perfect place to attend. They have a variety of courses that will prepare you for a job right out of school. 

A great thing about Davis Technical College is that people can enroll in a class while being a senior in high school. This makes schooling cheaper because the high school covers tuition and certain fees that an adult student has to pay for. To add to this benefit, students can apply for the bridge scholarship that extends their high school benefits even after they graduate. Davis Tech offers schooling in business, technology, construction, health professions, manufacturing, service professions, and transportation. Some of the more popular courses are cosmetology, emergency medical technician, and pharmacy technician. 

“I am doing the EMT basic course,” senior, Lizzy Patterson said.

“There are a lot of opportunities over there that we can’t provide here on campus,” CTE coordinator, Dave Milliken said.

You can get started by taking a tour to make sure you want to pursue a career in what Davis Tech offers by calling the school or going to their website. Then an application must be filled out with certain information and requirements that must be met. After you receive an acceptance letter, you can figure out what will work with your schedule and if any assessments or fees must be completed before the course starts. Once all of this is completed you can apply for financial aid. A course can take up at least two periods and sometimes more depending on what the class requires and how many hours are needed to be completed.