Farmington High’s Daycare Provides High School Jobs


Charli Merrill, Staff Writer

You may know that at Farmington High School, we have a daycare center where Davis School District employees can bring their children while they’re hard at work. Running a daycare is not a one person job, so they are asking YOU, Farmington students for a hand! 

Working at the school daycare can be a great job. You get to meet so many cool kids, all while being an awesome example for how they should behave. There are five areas in the daycare. Dramatic play, block area, science, math, and library. What your job would entail is helping the kids learn and being able to help them grow to be prepared for kindergarten. Also helping with closing, cleaning and making sure everything is perfect and squared away for the next day. Each day there are lesson plans, which explain what you’d be helping with that day. There are so many people that would enjoy this job.

“I’ve had football players, basketball players, band kids, whoever likes children will love being here,” child care coordinator, Juana Leon said.

Another reason this could be a great job for you is if you’re considering going down the teaching pathway. If you’ve considered teaching or just working with kids in general, the daycare is a good place to start, and can also be an adequate reference for a future job!

“My favorite thing about my job is when the kids yell my name and give me a big hug when I come in. I recommend working here because it is stress free in my mind and very rewarding,” staff member, Christa Birch said.

The hours you would need to come would be before school from 7:00-7:25, at lunch, and after school from 2:25-4:15. Since we currently don’t attend school on Fridays, the hours are 7:00-4:15 on Fridays!  Currently, they are looking for candidates for next year, but it is best to apply ASAP! There are currently six spots available. If you are looking for more information or want an application, they are in the daycare near the 1800 suite. I urge all of you to apply and not miss out on a cool experience and an exceptional opportunity.