Movie Review: Godzilla v. Kong

Movie Review: Godzilla v. Kong

Cali Layton, Staff Writer

Both Godzilla and King Kong have long, rich histories in the movie industry. 

The first Godzilla movie was released in America in 1956. It featured a sea creature that was awakened from a large atomic blast. This was the Godzilla that your grandparents grew up watching and was the first of a long line of movies that go on to feature this water dinosaur.

The first appearance of King Kong on the big screen was in 1933. Titled ‘King Kong’ this movie was about an expedition group that traveled to a mysterious island where they ran into trouble with the tribe that lives there and the large gorilla that ruled over their jungle. Since this movie was released, there have been eleven other movies made featuring the large ape.

Godzilla v Kong is the fourth and final movie of the four monster movies that Warner Bros began in 2014. The franchise started out with Godzilla, then Kong: Skull Island, then Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and finally Godzilla v. Kong. 

Godzilla v Kong is a crossover movie that shows off the abilities of both King Kong and Godzilla. Both monsters are connected to Hollow Earth, which is a mysterious place at the center of the earth. The humans use that connection to travel and obtain a power source that can be used to destroy them both.

This movie sparked my interest solely because of the names involved. King Kong and Godzilla have been household names for decades and to have both in one movie could be epic. I had the experience of watching this movie in the d-box seats at the Megaplex theater in Centerville. I would not recommend these seats especially if you get sick easily… 

This movie had lots of CGI (computer generated imaging) in it, which was very well done. The monsters themselves had lots of details and looked as realistic as they could considering they were the size of skyscrapers. The performances were appealing and added a lot to the film. There were some jokes and funny parts that provided much needed comic relief from the dramatic and intense fighting portions of the movie. If you love dramatic action scenes and interesting and funny characters, then this movie is for you. Even though I personally didn’t love it, overall this movie is very well made. It has lots of great cinematic shots that really add to the integrity of the film.

So, if you’re in the mood for an action-packed, thrilling, maybe not so realistic movie to enjoy with your 10 year old brother like I did over spring break, then Godzilla v. Kong is perfect for you.