Jeeps Are a Popular Car in Utah


Noelle Wigren, Staff Writer

If you have been driving around Davis County, or mainly Farmington you have probably seen those cars that look boxy, sometimes with big wheels, and cool gear either on the outside or inside. Looks expensive but to be honest you can find them for pretty cheap. Jeeps. They are almost like a culture here in Farmington and Davis County. If you try to pay attention to see them you’ll start to spot them everywhere. But why is it? Why is it that in Farmington it is the biggest thing and the ‘cool-est’ car to own once you get your license and to drive around. But are they truly different from just a car? Because there are cars that are way more expensive than Jeeps. But one reason why a lot of people get them is to look cool. Or there are some that drive them for the thrill of adventuring in the mountains or off-roading. Most won’t deny to you that they are cool cars but they come with a lot of work to own one and driving.

If you talk to people who love cars most will tell you that they take work. That they aren’t built the best sometimes, and break. Therefore people put a lot of money into it. Plus they upgrade them. From thirty-five and thirty-nine inch tires. To winches on the front, a lightbar, or halo lights. There’s lots to upgrade on the outside of jeeps. Most cars that you look at you really can’t. If you have a Toyota 4 runner, Hummers, Trucks, and other bigger cars. But you can’t take a Toyota Corolla and put a lightbar. I’m sure that there are people who have but it’s very uncommon. If you are willing to put a lot of money and time commitment into Jeeps, then maybe that type of car is for you.

Now, when someone says Jeep you might instantly think of those really cool cars that go off-roading. Yes, Jeep Wranglers. They are probably the most popular type of Jeep. And it is what people think of. It’s what Jeep first made. Wranglers for the army and then they expanded from just the Wrangler 4×4. They have other types that are each capable of different things. But most are 4×4. Which is really cool. But the real question is why is it that Farmington has a lot of Jeeps. Why is it the ‘trend’ here and not everywhere? For sure you will find them and they might be big in other places. But it isn’t exactly like Farmington.

“I personally feel like my car is kinda trash but it gets me where I need to go and it’s a car so it works. And I love Jeeps. I think that they are super expensive but they are awesome in all climates. And are fun to drive. There definitely is a social norm with Jeeps and honestly just about having brand new cars in Farmington. I think driving jeeps in Farmington is something that most people can afford, and it’s fun, and we live right next to the mountains and you can go play in them,” Senior, Becca Graves said.

Even if you don’t have a Jeep, you most likely know someone who owns one. When you walk into the Farmington High school parking lot and start counting you are going to find at least 20 or more. It’s crazy. We may not fully understand why it is a big social norm here in Utah, or at least here in Farmington, and why the Jeeps are the biggest and coolest thing to have.

“I feel very strongly that Jeep is one of the best car companies to ever exist, every single vehicle in their line up is very capable off-road and they’re the perfect brand of car for Utah. There definitely is a social norm, you can pull into any parking lot anywhere and the chance of you seeing a Jeep is extremely high. I feel like it definitely is a good thing especially here in Utah where you need a vehicle that can handle the snow. Especially wranglers, they’re the perfect all-year-round car with their removable tops. My favorite thing about the Jeeps I’ve had is definitely the reliability and the capability. Even with both my Jeeps being over 20 years old they could handle the same obstacles that my five-year-old FJ could, and most of the time the Jeep would make it look easier. And my ZJ had over 250,000 miles and it easily had another 200k to go before that engine would give it,” Senior, Deagan Smart said.

As said earlier we may never fully understand why Jeeps and what makes them better than cars. They definitely have pros and cons but all cars do. It may fascinate you, it may not. But you might also want to gain some knowledge on cars no matter what the type is. Because cars are part of the culture here in Utah and America. And no matter what happens in your life the knowledge may help you or others.