Girls Rush To Ask To Harvest


Jessica John, Student Life Reporter

Fall is officially here! The leaves are changing, it’s getting colder, and most importantly, the girls of FHS are in a frenzy over who/when to ask to the Harvest dance. For some reason, girls ask the guys to Harvest earlier and earlier each year, and this time around is no different. Despite the dance being 2 months away, many girls have already asked or are planning on asking someone this week. 

So the big question is when should you ask the person you want to go with? And what’s the deal with everyone asking so early?

One of the likely reasons girls are already asking is because we’re afraid of missing out. Whether it’s wanting to go to the dance because it’s your senior year, wanting to experience a high school dance for the first time, or dying to go with that special someone, everyone stresses out about when to ask someone to a dance. 

Some people worry about asking too early and making things weird while others worry about asking too late and risking the person they want to go with being asked by someone else. A lot of girls also worry about having the date all organized so they ask earlier to have that extra time to plan.

“Personally, I think that girls tend to be more detail-oriented than guys. Planning, organizing, etc. So I think that girls ask the guys to harvest early so they can get to planning the day date. I like to have everything planned out early so just in case something goes wrong in planning, we can fix it earlier rather than later,” junior, Briauna Gardner said.

Being organized and prepared is always important but most of the time girls ask so early because they want to be the first one (obviously) to ask the guy they want to take to Harvest.

“I think it’s because people are worried the person they want to go with will get asked by someone else and it also gives them more time to plan things and get dresses,” senior, Maddy Green said. 

So it’s really up to you to decide when to ask someone to a school dance but keep in mind people ask months in advance and if there is someone in particular you want to go with, asking early to ensure your date with them is key!

Another thing to remember is never to ask someone less than 2 weeks in advance! And since we’ve established girls typically ask so early to dances, this last note is for the boys. Don’t ask someone the week before or the week of the dance! It stresses the girls out because finding a dress that fits and that you like isn’t as easy as it sounds! 

But seriously as long as you give your date time to prepare for the dance you can ask them out whenever. And don’t get too stressed out because dances are meant to be fun!