To Sit or Not to Sit?


Ashley Hintze, Student Life Reporter

There are many different types of chairs filling the classrooms of Farmington High School. Each one of these chairs serves its own purpose whether it is rolling through the halls on a classic wheely chair, falling off one of those tall gray stools, or sleeping on a couch during home release. Students have developed strong opinions on each of these chairs and it is time those opinions were heard. 

It only feels right to begin with Satan’s stool itself. It’s as if whoever designed that torture device wanted it to be a punishment for the kid who walks in late and has no other options. Many students have commented on how these chairs strengthen their core and how they feel about them in general.  

“Ew,” senior, Jaron Peterson said. 

“I personally don’t understand why those tall grey stools even exist, I don’t know a single person who likes them, they are uncomfortable,” senior, Paige Roberts said. 

The next chairs up for discussion are the soft cubes and cylinders. They do provide cushion…but at what cost? These ottomans with wheels have no other accessories to support your arms and back but are great for rolling back and forth between tables for conversations. Students at Farmington have a couple of different uses for these types of seats. 

“The only correct answer is footrests. Anyone would say that,” senior, Owen Nicols said. 

“They are rolley couch chairs that are the best chairs in the class, and I use them to sit on when I’m tired,” junior, Mylee Merrill said. 

Although these chairs aren’t always used for what they were made for, they do serve a purpose. 

The last category of chairs we must touch base on are the classics. You have the classic rolling chair which is highly accepted. Then there’s classic non-rolling, scrape across the floor, monstrosity of a chair, that gets traded more than NBA players within your classroom. 

“Chairs with wheels are superior over chairs without wheels,” senior, Madi Spilker said. 

Although there are many flaws and advantages to every chair, they all play a part in the seating arrangements here in our school.