Student’s Favorite Things To Do in the Fall


Jessica John, Student Life Reporter

Whether it’s running from some dude with a chainsaw at your favorite corn maze, carving pumpkins with your family, or watching horror movies with your friends, there is no shortage of things to do during fall. Fall is the perfect time to try new things, spend time outside while it’s cool, and eat way too much candy. If you’re not sure how to get into the spirit of fall, hopefully this will give you some ideas.

When asked what they enjoy doing this time of year, Farmington High students did not hold back, and I’m definitely taking notes.

“Mountain biking cause it’s starting to cool down but I also like to just chill and read when it’s raining,” junior, Alex Goodrich said.

We all know fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year and that’s why it’s so nice to disconnect for a while to go take a hike, go on a bike ride, read on a rainy day, or drive through the canyon to admire the leaves.

“My favorite thing to do in the fall is drive through the mountains to see all the fall colors,” senior, Kennady Rose said.

The canyons and mountains are in their prime right now and the color alone is a great reason to have a photoshoot. But remember, if you want to go take pictures with all the colors or just drive around to see them now is the time! As beautiful as it is, these colors don’t last long and the leaves will fall much sooner than you think. 

Additionally, something you might not know is that leaves always have the red, yellow, and orange colors we see in the fall underneath their green. The green just fades away because the sun isn’t out as much and the temperature is cooling so the chlorophyll in the leaves breaks down and the green disappears. 

There’s something for everyone during fall and if you don’t care about the changing leaves or the cooler weather, you could always do something simple like walking your dog.

“I like to walk my pup and read,” junior, Eliza Saunders said.

A couple of people have said they enjoy reading but, while I love reading, not everyone does. But even if you’re not a fan of reading, there are thousands of audiobooks and podcasts to listen to. Plus, if it’s a rainy day this is a great way to relax and cozy up with your favorite blanket and cup of hot cocoa.

No matter what you enjoy doing, everyone can find something fun to do this fall time. And remember, no matter how busy you are, it’s important to take time for yourself and enjoy the season!