There Are Many Reasons to Join Clubs


Addison Crane, Clubs Reporter

Club membership from seniors is rapidly increasing at Farmington High School. Some might say the reason for this is the extra free time seniors have this year. But do they really have more free time? Although they may not be enrolled in as many classes, it is now time to submit college applications. For most seniors, college applications have proven to be extremely time-consuming and certainly draining. Last minute test prep, polishing off grades, and collecting recommendations all contribute to the stress building up for seniors.

Maybe the reason club membership from seniors has increased is because of these college applications. Seniors are now realizing how much college and scholarship applications value involvement in the school. Clubs are great ways to get more involved in Farmington High School.

“Your extracurricular involvement is one of the few ways that colleges can gain insights into your personality,” Princeton Review writer Rob Franek said.

Not only can involvement in clubs assist seniors in being accepted into colleges, but involvement can aid in paying for college! Many scholarship donors look for well-rounded students with various extracurriculars. 

While club involvement is great for college and scholarship applications, it is also great for many other reasons! Students have found they can make many great friends through clubs!

 “I am in the FCCLA club, and I think that has helped me meet more people and get more involved with the school,” senior Kaela Wall said. 

Joining a club allows students to connect with others that have similar interests! It is easy to connect with peers that have common interests and goals.  

“Your participation in clubs can hone your communication skills, foster creative thinking, and teach you how to work effectively with other people,” Franek said.

As students participate in various activities, their knowledge expands, and skills grow. Participation in Farmington High’s clubs allows this academic growth to occur! 

In words of advice, “If you are a sophomore or junior, don’t wait until Senior year to find a club to join. Not only are clubs fun, but they are great opportunities to serve and be involved in your community,” senior Kaitlyn Clark said.

Farmington High School offers a variety of clubs for students with all different interests. Involvement in such clubs promotes friendship, intellectual development, and social skills. These aspects of school club involvement can aid students in being admitted to colleges as well as obtaining scholarships. Most importantly, however, the experiences gained from participating in clubs allow students to achieve in their future!