Popular Halloween Costumes in 2021


Lille Udy, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

Halloween is just around the corner and that means finding the best costume to wear. Halloween was celebrated a little differently last year with Covid-19. This only means that as things continue to open up, people are going to only get more festive and celebrate harder.

There are different approaches people take to get their perfect costume. Whether it is a theme with friends, something you saw online, DIY using your own creativity, last minute, etc… Everyone loves to dress up. With rising popularity on social media and tv shows, people are inspiring the majority of their outfits from these platforms.

“For Halloween this year I am going as Pitbull because he is the love of my life and he has the best party music. I love to party….” senior, Mckinley Mckay said.

One of the most trending costumes this year is from the hit show, Squid Game. People all around were loving the simplicity of the costume that’s just a blue track suit with numbers. You’ll be sure to see this costume on the streets this Halloween.

Another trending costume is Among Us. This game has been popular for a long time now and Amazon recently started selling an inflatable version of the “Crewmate” and it’s been blowing up as a meme all over social media. This is causing people to want to be these for Halloween as a joke. This is a great, humorous group costume idea.

“My friends and I are going as the characters from Strawberry Shortcake because the outfits are fun and cheap,” junior, Reagan Rahlf said.

There are plenty of other costumes trending, but the last one that’s going to be talked about is the Kim Kardashian Met Gala outfit. Everyone was obsessed with her 2021 outfit she wore to the Met. It’s already being sold and made DIY as a Halloween costume. The all black head to toe was something nobody was going to forget. If you show up wearing all black everyone is going to know who you are for Halloween.

“I am going as either a clown or a vampire because clowns and vampires are lowkey drippy,” senior, Clemente Langer said.

This Halloween there are so many options and ideas. You can look on social media, online, and any trending television show for inspiration for this year’s costume.