To Eat or Not to Eat


Ashley Hintze, Student Life Reporter

We have all experienced the excruciating hunger during class that comes from being a high school student. In this time of need there are a few common options we tend to resort to. These options include the following: eat a stick of gum, ask the class for snacks, pray the teacher will use candy as an incentive to answer questions, cry, or go to the vending machine. I have found that the most effective of these options is attending the vending machine. The only way to pull this off efficiently is to put vending machine money into your budget. Whether you pay with cash, the app on your phone, or a card, there are all sorts of vending machines available for you.

“The vending machines are gas even though I’m too broke to use them,” sophomore, Mae Olson said.

However amazing the vending machines can be, there are still risks that you may have to take in this process. For example, more people are killed by vending machines than by sharks every year. It is possible that the machine may take your money and give you no reward in return. If this is the case, please do not shake the machine for it may topple over onto you leading to your untimely death.

“I was almost crushed by a vending machine because I reached into it and thought it moved!” senior, Jayden Shields said.

I have had many experiences with vending machines myself. There can be unfortunate events but also positive ones such as this example I shared with my friend Abbie.

“We found a Twix bar underneath the vending machine. Me and Ashley were waiting in line to get our daily MAPS snack when a glisten caught our eye underneath the vending machine. There we found an unopened, fresh Twix bar,” senior Abbie White said. 

In conclusion, vending machines around the world provide students with the food and energy they need. Whatever risk is present at your local vending machine, it is far greater to accept it and get yourself a snack, than to attempt to avoid the doom that may fall upon you.