At What Point Are You Too Old to Trick-Or-Treat?


Jackson Lindsay, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

At what age are you too old to go trick or treating? Opinions are widely varied. Some adults get annoyed when teenagers are out trick or treating and sometimes a party is a better option for a teen. So I interviewed the students of Farmington High for their opinions. 

“At least we’re not doing drugs,” senior Brynli Hales said.

So perhaps trick or treating gives teenagers something to do rather than causing trouble.  

“Free candy yeah sure why not,” senior Rhonda Gao said

“It is ok for teenagers to go trick or treating because they are still technically children,” Senior Isaac Mallory said

So these teens see nothing wrong with trick or treating. However, there are a few who disagree.

“I think that teenagers can’t trick or treat because they should leave the candy for the younger kids unless they are helping a younger sibling trick or treat.” Senior Allison Barrus said.

“It’s not ok for teenagers to go trick or treating because they are almost grown adults,”  senior Beau Branch said.

This seems to be the main reason for being against teenagers trick or treating–ruining it for the younger kids who haven’t yet experienced Halloween and parents who want to make sure its a good experience for them.

If a teenager decides to go trick or treating, however, the standard is raised for their costume. No adult is going to want to give candy to a teenager in a lousy costume. So if you decide to go, make sure you have a good costume.  

It appears that teenagers are about a 50/50 split when it comes to trick or treating and so the choice is one you have to make for yourself. Whatever you decide Halloween is sure to be a night to remember!