Debate Team Building Their Way Towards Success

Debate Team Building Their Way Towards Success

Ty Miller, Clubs Reporter

The Debate club is a sports team that competes with other schools in the state of Utah. The advisor is Mr. Taylor. The Debate team is known to be exciting, and it earns the most scholarships out of any other sport in high school. The idea is to increase your understanding of the world and express your personal opinions.

“Students need to join because Debate is 1: the number one sport that gets you college scholarships. 2: because it will help you think better than anyone else with your family. 3: you will always win your family arguments,” advisor, Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor also emphasized that the Debate team is one of the most entertaining clubs that you can join. He expresses that it can be a fun experience for anyone that wants to join. He encourages people to join even if they are hesitant about the decision. I also talked to Gage Hatcher, who is the president of the team, which means that he is the “overall person”, second to Mr. Taylor’. Gage had a lot of positive things to say about his team. He says he likes to help kids out and help them find their voice. He says he likes to compete and intellectually beat somebody.

 “I would say the friendships, people get into Debate not expecting a whole bunch but you know some of my closest friends have come from the team. It teaches you hundreds of good skills…” senior, Gage Hatcher said.

Overall, the Debate team seems like an exciting experience for anyone who is willing to try it. If you like getting scholarships and intellectually competing with other schools, then the Debate team is just right for you. This team is special in a way where they all seem to be friends and love to build each other up. Having fun and expressing your ideas come easy in this class, and lessons it will teach you will help you for the rest of your life.