RSL’s Fanbase at Farmington High School


Treyden Schow, Sports Reporter

Real Salt Lake is Utah’s very own professional soccer team which has grown a wide fan base across Utah including within our own school. It’s not uncommon to see students at the high school wearing an RSL jersey to show their support for the team. Many students at our school not only watch their games but they go to the games to show their support for the team. Whether you play soccer or not just about everyone at Farmington High School knows RSL.

“My favorite player is probably Marcelo Silva because he’s a defender like I am,” junior, Isaac Reese said.

Marcelo Silva is one of RSL’s starting defenders and he’s played with RSL since 2017. In his 2019 season he scored two goals which is very difficult to do from the position he plays because he mostly focuses on defense and rarely goes on the offensive. So clearly RSL must have impressive players if they’re able to go above and beyond in each of their positions, it’s no wonder they have such a wide fan base within the school.

“The coolest moment I’ve seen at an RSL game was when Nick Rimando saved three shots in a row a few years ago,” junior, Collin Wright said.

Nick Rimando was a goalkeeper for RSL who just retired but he was many people’s favorite player on the team for many consecutive years. He also holds the league’s record of most overall wins in the MLS and not to mention he was also the Keeper for the US men’s national team during the 2014 world cup. 

RSL has their final match on November 7th against Sporting KC and with the way things are looking it seems they’ll finish off the season strong.