Students’ Favorite Things to do in the Winter


Kimball Naccarato, Student Life Reporter

In Utah, it feels like winter can come at any time. It’s already snowed in the mountains, and it won’t be long till it reaches us. With the endless possibilities of activities to do in the winter, I asked the students of Farmington High to see what some of their favorites are.

“One of my favorite things to do in the winter is sledding, of course. More specifically though, getting a rope and tying it to the back of your car and then having someone drive you around the neighborhood while you’re holding onto the back of the rope with a sled. That is super fun,” senior, Zach Shumway said.

We usually get a ton of snow, and this would be the perfect activity to do with friends or family before they clear the streets of snow.

“I like to take my car into an empty parking lot and snow drift and just mess around. It’s really fun to do and you can do those crazy eights without the risk of getting into an accident,” Senior James Olsen said.

Church parking lots are the best place to go to try this out. No one is around and you have a huge place to do whatever you want with your car. The best thing, too, is you don’t actually have to know how to drift because the snow makes it possible for almost every car.

Whether you like to stay inside drinking hot cocoa as you watch the snow fall, or get outside with your snow gear and play around, there is an abundance of activities to do in the winter. So try them out!