To Sleep or Not to Sleep


Ashley Hintze, Student Life Reporter

The students at Farmington High School are facing a battle that students around the world have been struggling with for centuries. The problem I am speaking of is how early students are required to wake up for school. Now, we have all written an English essay at some point about school start times and whether they should be changed or not. Seeing as how they haven’t changed, this article’s purpose is to show how students are being affected now.

When students are asked what classes they are marked tardy in the most, first and fifth period take the cake because they are at the beginning of the day. Could this possibly be a coincidence? Could students just have car troubles, problems with traffic, or their rides pick them up late? No. The main cause of this attendance travesty is our struggle with waking up in time.

“I eat sleep deprivation for breakfast,” senior, Grace Mayer, said.

Is eating this kind of breakfast really a healthy habit?

How easy is it to hit snooze on your alarm just to sleep in past the bell? Although many students experience this, there are many who experience the opposite, but the opposite may not be as good as it seems.

“School has trained me like a dog. Even on late start Wednesdays I wake up at 6:00 am,” junior, Brooklyn Hintze, said.

Now, even when she wants to sleep in, she’s lost the ability due to school.

Waking up in time for school isn’t the only problem we’re seeing here in Farmington. Staying up late is a huge contributor to this sleep calamity.

“If it’s true that lack of sleep kills you early, I’m only living to 25,” an anonymous student said.

As an expert on sleep, I have a few recommendations for those of you suffering from any sleep crisis caused by school. Some seniors may tell you to take home release in the morning so you can sleep in, but think about the precious knowledge you’re missing out on! My solution is we call for a napping period or pillow break between classes. This would replenish each and every student and help them get through the day.