To Park or Not to Park


Ashley Hintze, Student Life Reporter

The student parking lot of Farmington High School is packed to the brim each school day with vehicles. Whether you are a senior with a specific spot you park in every day, or a sophomore that sneaks in hoping to get a spot and no ticket, our parking lot has something to offer everyone.

Just the other day, I had my own traumatizing experience when one of my fellow students backed into my car.

“I was in the car when it happened, a big jolt and the next thing I knew the car was dented,” an anonymous student says.

 It was bound to happen eventually considering the number of cars I am around every day. If you have ever seen the parking lot after school, it is always very chaotic as students rush to get wherever they are going.

I believe there is a misconception about where you can actually park in the parking lot. As far as I know, not everyone can park in spaces that are for the handicapped, or not real spots. I could be wrong though guys, I’m no expert.

“I like the student parking lot cause there is a green slug bug which means I can punch my friends,” senior, Paige Roberts, says.

“I don’t like the student parking lot cause I keep getting punched,” senior, McKenzie Hintze, says.

If you are someone who decides to leave right after school, you have probably noticed the lines. As some students get impatient and try to cut others off, traffic jams begin to plague the West side of the school.

“The student parking lot is great until you need to go home,” senior, Savanna Winterton, said.

“Getting out of the school parking lot is a drag!! Never take the exit by the seminary building, it’s always too long,” junior., Brooklyn Hintze, states.

Parking can be a hassle, but if you play your cards right, you can get a good pull-through spot and beat the rush.