How to Style Green for Saint Patrick’s Day


Lille Udy, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up fast, and that means you must incorporate green into your outfit to avoid getting pinched. Here are some tips and tricks on how to properly style green into your outfit without going too crazy.

“It depends on my outfit, but today it is like a statement piece because I am wearing black and white, but sometimes it is an accent color with my green shoes and I’ll wear brown,” senior, Stella Jefferies, said.

This is a great start to know how to style this specific color. The good thing about green is that there are so many different shades so you can find a perfect color for you. Here are some of the major ways you can style green for St. Patrick’s Day.

The first way you can wear green is as a statement piece. Wearing natural colors and adding that pop of color from the green is great for spicing up your outfit. This idea is good for both dark and light shades of green. Trying to wear white will help make that color stand out more than it would with black or darker shades.

“My favorite way to style green would be with white,” sophomore, Mele Cadenas, said.

Another way you can style green is through a monochromatic outfit. You can wear subtle dark shades of green like dark green, olive green, forest green, and so forth. Adding gray and black to the mix can help keep it monochromatic but break it up a little too.

If you don’t own green, it’s not a problem. You can also use accessories to wear green without owning a single green item of clothing. Earrings, bracelets, ribbon around your hair, etc. These are all additional ways you can incorporate green this holiday or anyday. 

If you don’t wear green this year, you are at big risk of being pinched by people in the halls. A lot of people participate in this, so to stay safe make sure you incorporate green. 

“On St. Patrick’s Day, I do pinch people,” senior, Scott Taylor, said.

Green is a trending color this year, and St. Patrick’s Day is a perfect excuse to whip out the green from your closet and avoid getting pinched in the halls.