Spring Fashion Trends


Lille Udy, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

Spring is approaching fast and that means it’s time to filter out the winter sweaters and coats and transition into spring. There are a lot of new trends happening this upcoming season in fashion and here are some predictions and ideas of what you can rock these next few months. 

You may ask, what are spring trends that are always happening and never seem to change? This may be obvious, but one of the easiest answers is the bright pastel colors. Winter is dark and gloomy and switching to the light pinks, oranges, greens, and blues is a perfect way to transition into spring without going crazy with new clothing styles.

“My favorite thing about spring fashion is that there is a wide variety of colors you can wear,” junior, Lily Brough, said.

From further research, I have found some specific trends that are resurfacing and are going to be seen this season.

One of the major trends we are seeing is taking us back to our roots. We saw this trend in a warmer version in winter, but as it becomes more popular it is ready to peak this spring. This trend is Y2K. Year 2000 is making a comeback. Since the weather is warmer, you can embrace this trend more. This will include miniskirts, low rise jeans, shirts with cutouts, crazy patterned pants, and halter tops / dresses. This also includes the most important jewelry, beaded and pearl jewelry.

Another peculiar trend that is rising is big bags. People have been carrying around tote bags and we are going to see this a lot more this spring season. Famous brands like Tory Burch, Marni, and Khait are all increasing the bag size to fit this trend. This big bag tore trend is perfect for traveling on spring break, and just carrying around in the warm weather.

“My favorite thing about spring fashion is that you can wear short sleeves and long sleeves and it doesn’t matter because it is warm sometimes, but also chilly,” senior, Kennedi Johnson, said.

This transitions us into another expected trend, lighter airy fabrics. Silk, crochet, and cotton are some examples. This airy warmer look also includes shorter pieces like switching to short sleeves and shorts. This is a great way to celebrate the warmer weather.

“I look forward to springtime because I get to wear shorts and T-shirts for the warm weather,” senior, Conrad Baker, said.

One last trend to think about this springtime is the clean-cut look. This means clean lines and elegant pastel colors. Classic sweaters, tailored suits, and button downs are adding to the neat fresh look. Using light, clean colors help keep the spring theme, but boost it to a neater level.  

These are some of the fashion predictions for spring 2022. These are all super exciting trends this year, but the biggest thing to learn is that you don’t need to participate in every single trend. You can spice it up yourself and make it unique to you.